mForm simplifies and speeds up fulfillment documentation in the field and delivers data to the office

Mobile form building field solution for businesses | mForm
Web application with which you can build your own forms and can access synchronized business data as well.

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mForm mobile application

Document your fulfillment data with mobile devices

Employees can easily collect business information using the mForm mobile app on their mobile devices with which they can add images and geo location information as well. The recorded data will be synchronized in the background to the server.

mForm form designer

Build your own structured forms

You can build and deliver your own forms for your team based on your business needs. You can record information based on 12 different types of inputs that are automatically synchronized to your team’s mobile devices.

mForm reports and exports

Access to real time business data

The recorded data is available at almost real time at mForm’s “reports”. Excel (CSV) reports are accessible with the gathered business data and is ready for further analysis. You can set filters to define the requested list of your stored data.

Flexible data structures

Improve your business processes

mForm’s data handling method makes it possible for you to make changes even to the structure of your forms without effecting the accessibility of the data collected previously. This makes it possible to learn from your earlier activities and improve your processes. The modified form structure can be synchronized to your team’s mobile devices immediately, so they will work with the latest version.
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Build your own mobile forms

Would you like design your own forms? mForm offers you a complete form design tool. You can build forms to fit your needs.

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We can design your forms

Don’t want to spend your time building forms? Our consultants can build your custom forms for you after a short discussion.

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